Welcome to CrimePays.

This Website is Under Contructions

A Website created for Law Enforcement Agencies to engage the community to help solve crimes.

This website is for Law Enforcement Agencies.  A CrimePays 4 Tips Android App is being developed for the community.  It will allow users to register annonymously to view videos with Rewards posted by Local, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies on this website. Users will be a to offer a Crime Tip to the agency that posted the video in the form of a video, text and images.  Anyone will be able to contribute money to the video, to increase

the Reward Amount for information.

If a Crime Tip receive leads to an arrest, 50% of the Reward will be deposited into the user anonymous paypal account.  When that arrest leads to a conviction or guilty

plea, the remaining 50% will be deposited into the user’s anonymous paypal account.  The App retains a total of 6% for each payment to the App User.

Crime don’t pay for the criminals, but citizens should be rewarded for supporting law enforcement agencies by providing Crime Tips to help solve crimes in their communities.

Web App and Android App Launch in September 2017.  All Law Enforcement Agencies interested in pilot testing, contact us.